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Scale IT
  • We scale our client’s business (IT and DX effects) to the maximum.
  • We scale the potential of every employee.
  • We scale mutual understanding and relations of trust between Vietnam and Japan.

Vietnamese Resources builds
Japanese Quality

By having ICD’s Japanese managers stationed in Vietnam to manage projects,
we can solve any issue related to product quality and communication
to provide smooth and high-quality offshore development.

ABOUT US ICDについて ICD Vietnam について

ICD Vietnam provides speedy and high-quality services by leveraging its expertise in software development and web system development cultivated in Japan.
ICD Vietnam's offshore development has established a workflow that combines the best aspects of Japan and Vietnam by hiring excellent human resources with a permanent presence of Japanese staff and an understanding of Japanese customs. There is no disparity in quality with Japan.

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We provide services such as offshore development, web production, system and application development, and video production.
For more information about each service, map please click on the map.

01 Web Development

We will ask you the purpose of your website production and aim to create a website that maximizes the appeal of your service. We provide comprehensive support from specification creation to design creation, development, and UI/UX improvement proposals.


02 Application Development

Since we are originally a system development company, we are able to design and develop based on system requirements as well as good looks.
In addition, we have a large number of excellent engineers, so we can handle a variety of development languages.


03 Offshore Solutions

In the case of offshore development based in Vietnam, ICD's Japanese staff stationed locally manage the project to provide smooth and high quality offshore development by solving the complaints about quality and communication that are often associated with offshore development.


04 Video Production

We provide creative video production services to meet your needs, including video production for your website, promotional videos, and YouTube video editing.
We also accept requests for video editing alone.



  • High Quality

    Continuously provide superior quality and value-added services.

  • Providing the best solution

    We will provide the best solution to meet your needs.

  • Technical Support

    We provide support for everything from server configuration to production and development issues.

  • Excellent Human Resources

    We have many experienced and talented personnel who understand Japanese customs.

  • Maintenance

    We also provide maintenance services after delivery. (By contract)

  • Delivery date compliance

    We will adjust the delivery date to meet the customer's request to the maximum extent possible.

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